If you’re looking for a career with meaning, then you are in the right place.

Every day our team goes home knowing that we have made over 3,000 injectable medicines that tomorrow will be used to treat patients fighting cancer, living with long term chronic disease or in need of pain relief.

Qualasept Pharmaxo Holdings Limited is the holding entity for Bath ASU, Pharmaxo, Microgenetics and Corsham Science.

Bath ASU is the largest privately-owned pharmaceutical company in the UK and with our sister companies Pharmaxo and Microgenetics we employ over 300 team members; the best part is that number is ever-growing.

We offer an incredible apprenticeship scheme as well as positions for every field from research scientists, pharmacists and nurses to administrators, customer service agents and of course our superstars in our production teams. We offer an exciting career in the pharmaceutical industry where you can truly make a difference to patients’ lives.

  • Bath ASU is an aseptic specials manufacturer based in Corsham, Wiltshire. Formed in 2006 from Bath University, we are a growing company and supply life-changing medicines to over 275 hospitals UK-wide.

  • Pharmaxo is a provider of high-tech homecare. Our team treats over 10,000 patients in their own homes across the UK. We are passionate about patients and our team is dedicated to always putting the patient first.

  • Microgenetics is our exciting start-up company specialising in microbiology, with the mission to help humankind win the war against pathogens. We are looking for people to join us to bring our revolutionary products to the industry.

  • Corsham Science uses cutting-edge science and technology to deliver healthcare services, medicines, and microbiological testing products. Our innovation in science, technology and software has been a powerful driver of growth for us.

Our culture

We take community seriously—so seriously that it’s one of our Values. We are dedicated to creating collective experiences in and outside of work to develop a sense of belonging. Our teams help and support each other in doing one of the most important jobs out there, getting life-changing medicines to critically ill patients all over the UK.

Safety is our number one priority, so we expect diligence from our team members. To join our superstar team, we need you to be dedicated to our cause, have an unrivalled attention to detail and to always play a part in improving our processes.

In return, we provide full training, not just for our Production staff, but all members joining our company receive training in aseptic manufacturing. This way we are all connected to the fantastic job we do every day.

We encourage our employees to try new things, we want you to have a long career with us and sometimes that means moving to a new department and learning a new skill. We want to invest in your training and development and commit to sharing full career pathways and supporting in your whole career with us.

We have ambitious goals to achieve, be a part of the team that gets us there.

Photo of Elaine Martin

“From the minute I arrived for my interview, I felt Bath ASU would be a great place to work. There is a relaxed but hardworking atmosphere in a modern and well-equipped environment. I have found that team colleagues are friendly, diverse and supportive. We all play our part in ensuring the success of our company and the welfare of our patients through our ethos Where Patients Come First.”

— Elaine Martin, Credit Controller at Bath ASU

Photo of Rebecca Mason

“There is a real engagement with everyone that works here. You can tell that the people who work here care about what they do and at the heart of everything we do there is a patient. There are many opportunities to learn and work within other departments, everyone is always happy to help you if you need something or you want to learn something. I can see a clear progression path and have always been supported with ideas or challenges.”

— Rebecca Mason, Quality Coordinator at Pharmaxo

Photo of David Hall

“Perseverance and commitment can work wonders not just for your own personal achievements but also for helping the business grow. I think one of the most important things about the group of companies as a whole is the people; no matter what department you work in there is always a sense of working as a part of a team/family.”

— David Hall, Customer Support and Training Executive at Microgenetics

Photo of Marcia Boura

“The Microgenetics team is amazing in recognising your best skills and developing the ones you feel you are lacking. Since we are a start-up, I have plenty of opportunities to be involved in tasks that are not obviously related with my role but help me become a better professional and allow me share my skills with my colleagues.”

— Marcia Boura, Research Scientist at Microgenetics

Our Vision and Values

To be a global leader in the service supply of complex injectable medicines. We will deliver compounding, clinical and diagnostic services to gain access to our markets. Our brands will be synonymous with service innovation and knowledge leadership. Our innovations will create value in the medicines supply chain from the research laboratory to the patient.

QPHL Values: Where patients come first. Can it be better?. Is there more to learn? Our commitment to you: your career and our community.

Where patients come first

Our patients are fighting cancer, living with long-term disease or in need of pain relief. They are dependent on healthcare professionals, including us, to manage proven but complex clinical pathways to get better. In all things, but particularly when things go wrong, we must act as though the patient is one of us. One day it might be.

Is there more to learn?

Almost always yes. To realise our vision, we must all become experts in our domain. What we do should be built on an expanding scientific, technical, process and clinical knowledge base while we develop an ever-deeper understanding of our partners’ needs. Learning more about our domain every day develops expertise.

Can it be better?

Great innovations, well-executed anywhere in our processes, can create value through higher quality products and services, lower costs and increased capacity, both for us and the partners we work with. Raising healthcare productivity like this will increase the capacity of healthcare systems, treat more patients and improve our business.

Our commitment to you

Our community – We should care about each other as much as we care about what we do. Collective experiences both in and out of work and respect for each other will drive a sense of connection and belonging.

Your career – A job that enables you to use your strengths, develop autonomy and take responsibility is at the heart of motivation. Promoting your learning and development is important to you and us in your job now and for future roles.


  • Building icon

    Work on our custom-built science park in the beautiful Cotswold countryside.

  • Education icon

    Comprehensive in-house training, and continuous professional development.

  • Growth icon

    Well-defined career paths let our people grow within the business.

  • Growth icon

    Company pension scheme.

  • Holiday icon

    Generous holiday entitlement, increasing with the number of years of service.

  • Money icon

    Generous company performance-related quarterly bonus scheme.

  • Security icon

    Life assurance.

  • New people icon

    Employee referral bounty scheme.

  • Family icon

    Discounts at local nurseries.

  • Hot drink icon

    Free hot drinks available throughout the day.

  • Fitness icon

    On-site outdoor gym, with free weekly organised circuits training sessions.

  • Food icon

    Free breakfast every morning, and healthy snacks throughout the day.

  • Bicycle icon

    Cycle to work scheme after successful completion of probation.

  • Bank icon

    Salary finance scheme; competitive loans offered after successful completion of probation.

At QPHL, we don’t just do a job, we play an important role in putting our patients first and living by our values. So, we want the very best talent to join our teams.

Everyday our people help to supply life-changing medicines, provide a dedicated service to patients and help to fight the war against pathogens. That is why we feel so strongly about attracting the best talent and supporting our teams to fulfil our value: “Is there more to learn?”. We employ a variety of talented individuals from Research Scientists, Nurses, Pharmacists, Warehouse / Stores, Manufacturing to office-based roles in Finance and HR. So, to help you we have put together some hints and tips.

Before Applying

Make sure you read the advert thoroughly and understand what we are looking for; we want people who are aligned to our values and passionate about what we do.

Your Application/CV

Let us know about your previous work experience and skills you have. Some roles will require specific qualifications and experience due to the nature of what we do. Give as much information as possible on your duties performed and responsibilities held.

When completing your CV remember;

  • Take your time and give as much information as possible; this is your opportunity to sell yourself and stand out
  • Present your experience in a timeline and list your skills
  • Explain any gaps in employment or education
  • Keep it concise and to the point
  • Tailor to the role you are applying for

Online Testing

For some of our roles you maybe required to complete an online test; this could range from numerical, verbal comprehension to a personality profile. You will be sent details of these and how to complete if you are shortlisted.


Interviews can be daunting, but remember, this is the best way to sell yourself and showcase your skills. So, be yourself, be honest, and show us your best qualities.

  • Remember to be on time
  • Be smart; this is your opportunity to make a good first impression
  • Sell yourself; make sure you understand the role you have applied for
  • Familiarise yourself with the key skills we are looking for and research the company you have applied for
  • Think about the S.T.A.R approach:
    • Situation – Set the scene, share context around the situation or challenge
    • Task – Describe your role
    • Action – Explain how you handled the situation or overcame the challenge
    • Result – What was the overall outcome and how successful was it
  • Be aware of body language and try to maintain eye contact to build rapport with the interviewer
  • Listen and speak clearly and confidently
  • Lastly be yourself, relax and remain calm to showcase yourself
  • If it is a virtual interview please ensure you find somewhere quiet and make sure you won’t be disturbed, make sure your camera and audio are working.

Application privacy policy

We will use the personal information you submit to assess your suitability for the role, to conduct testing and interviews, to support you with any access requirements or reasonable adjustments and to make a decision about your appointment.

We use an application system called PeopleHR and will retain the personal information of unsuccessful candidates for six months after the end of the relevant recruitment cycle.

Read our full candidate privacy policy. For any queries, please contact: hr@qphl.co or 3 Corsham Science Park, Park Lane, Corsham, SN13 9FU.

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